Struggling to beat the QR Codes?

Heres some hints and tips to help you get further in QR Invaders.

  • Try not to miss! While you are building up your weapons you will get more powerups if you don't miss, you need to hit 10 enemies in a row to get a power up. But you'll also get a better score combo, which can lead to getting extra lives quicker.
  • Keep moving Enemies bullets can sometimes get missed in all the explosions and bullets when you are at full power. Boss's also shot directly at you, so keeping on the move will help you not to get boxed in.
  • Watch for openings It can be easy to just follow the groups of enemies blasting away, but on later levels sometimes the enemies will box you in with laser fire either side. Keep an eye on the enemies and try to take out any of the ships who fly out of formation, they can end up being very dangerous, particulaly on boss battles.
  • Don't spend too long in the middle On the boss battles, the quad invaders tend to fly lower in the middle, meaning you do not get a lot of time to dodge their laser fire, keep on the move to stay alive.